PCA Hiring Paperwork 2017 – (1 Large File .PDF)
NOTICE: The Hiring Paperwork should only be completed by an applicant who has met with a client and has been offered a position pending clearance by Ability Care Partners. PCAs are not allowed to work without approval of Ability Care Partners (no exceptions). We encourage you to read our PCA Job Description before considering employment as a PCA.

Replacement Paperwork:

Overtime Eligible PCA Employment & Wage Agreement Addendum
This optional addendum is only for PCA employees who are requesting to be classified as an Overtime (OT) Eligible PCA. You may sign this agreement and email/fax to our office. Please read and consider all terms listed this agreement before signing. Approval is not guaranteed and may take up to 14 days to be reviewed. PCAs are not allowed to work over 40 hours per week without a copy of this agreement signed by all parties.

PCA Personal Information Change Form
If a PCA’s personal information (legal name, marital status, citizenship / work eligibility status, W-4 tax withholding status, address, phone number, etc.) has changed please complete our PCA Employee Information Change Forms. Once the forms are complete you will need to email or fax them to us at 612-395-5593. We will need the original signed copies mailed or dropped off at our office. We do not accept changes over the phone.

Paid Time-Off (PTO) Request Form (PDF)

PCA Choice employees will begin accruing Paid Time-Off (PTO) beginning July 1, 2015 as required by the collective bargaining agreement between the State of Minnesota and the SEIU Healthcare Minnesota (PCA Union).

  • As of August 1, 2017 PCA Choice employees will earn 1 hour of PTO for every 43 hours worked (was 1 hour for every 52 hours from 2015-2017)
  • PTO accumulation, usage and balance totals are listed on the PCA paystub online.
  • Once a PCA has worked 600 hours (after July 1, 2015) they will be eligible to redeem PTO.
  • PCAs cannot take PTO without approval of their Consumer. PTO Request Forms must be submitted to their Consumer for advance approval and eventual processing on the applicable payroll.
  • PTO hours are paid at the PCAs standard wage, and may not be used towards the weekly hourly total for OT. (Example: PCA works 38 hours and requests use of 10 PTO hours. The PCA will be paid 48 standard hours. The 8 hours over 40 hours is not considered OT).
  • PCAs can carry over up to 80 hours of unused PTO from one year to the next.
  • PCAs who resign or are terminated must cash out the unused PTO earned, up to 40 hours (or 80 hours for 2 years) once eligibile.

2018 Timesheet & Payroll Calendar PDF

Printable Timesheet

Enhanced PCA Timesheet [Instructions] [Demo Video]
Notice: Google Chrome users will see that the dates are incorrectly filled out as the same date every day when viewing the PDF within Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer. This is an issue with Google’s handling of PDF scripting, unfortunately we cannot fix this. The solution is to save/download the PDF and view using the free Adobe Reader.

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