All PCA employees are required to complete Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Individualized PCA Training. The online training course is free of charge. To register for training you must have a valid email address where you will receive your training certificate. The training will take approximately 30-45 minutes.

For any new hire, we require the training to completed prior to submitting their NETStudy 2.0 Background Study. The certificate is valid for all PCA providers that PCA’s are employed by.

Once the PCA has passed the required training, please send us a copy of the certification to or send a fax 612-395-5593.

MN PCA Training Materials & Test Links

These links will lead you from our web site to the MN-DHS web site:

  1. MN-DHS Individual PCA Training Course (Materials to review before testing)
  2. MN-DHS Individual PCA Training Test Registration

For training specific questions or to obtain a copy of your previous PCA Test Certificate, please email or call MN DHS.
Phone: 651-431-4300
Toll Free: 1-866-267-7655

To assist with training, we have found numerous videos that may contain valuable tips, guidelines or advice that apply to providing in-home direct care to consumers. To view videos, click a tab above and press play. Many videos are part of a playlist, to see all videos click the #  on the top left of the video.

Disclaimer: All employees must adhere to our company policies and procedures. Training on individualized cares must be done with your consumer (or their responsible party). Any third party links, guides or videos is purely informational and may not reflect company policies. The information we have shared is publicly posted and is property of the respective content sources.