Revised: 05/19/23

To all of our valued Consumer Partners, PCAs and Operations Staff:

After 20 years of being a trusted PCA Choice provider in Minnesota, we regret to inform everyone that we will be permanently closing in late May 2023.
We have faced many challenges in recent years and we anticipate even more future struggles as Minnesota transitions PCA services to the new replacement program called CFSS later this year or early next year. Under the new CFSS program, the PCA Choice Agency model will not exist as it is being replaced with a new Consumer Directed Budget Model with a limited number of Fiscal Management Service (FMS) providers. There will also be CFSS Agencies that will operate much like the current Traditional PCA Agencies (non-union). As a smaller agency with these upcoming changes and rising operating costs, we anticipate further financial constraints and competitive issues under the new CFSS Agency structure.
Our last pay period will end on Saturday May 20th, 2023 with final timesheets due on Monday May 22nd. We will be cashing out all current/active PCAs PTO balances and paying them out on the Friday May 26th deposit. This will allow all of our consumer partners nearly 6 weeks to transfer to a new agency and have your current staff complete the hiring process.
For a full directory of PCA Choice Agencies, please visit
When discussing with potential agencies, we highly recommend that you discuss important topics like traditional vs. choice services and any benefits offered to your PCAS (such as PTO, holiday pay, etc.).
Consumer Partners:
  • Please act now to start the onboarding process with a new agency. Also, please notify your PCA staff that we are closing and they will need to be hired by your new agency.
  • Once you have chosen a new agency, please let us know your end date with us if it will be before May 20, 2023. We will need to calculate your remaining service units to release to your new agency. If you are on a waiver, please share this notice with your caseworker right away.
  • Your current staff will have to be processed as new hires with full background checks at your new agency and that can typically take 2-4 weeks to complete.
  • We will consider timeline extensions on a limited basis to prevent any gaps in services.
PCA Employees:
  • Please work closely with your consumer to go through the hiring process with the agency they choose. We are not able to transfer your HR information or background study to a new agency.
  • Your PTO Balance is listed on your ADP paystub online (you may not receive the full amount shown if the CBA limit is reached). We will cash-out any eligible PTO hours, up to the maximum listed in the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • You will receive your 2023 W-2 in early 2024. If you move, be sure to email us your current mailing address.
  • If you need copies of your payroll records, you may access them on ADP or contact us.
Going forward, we will post any important notices and 2023 W-2 information on our website. Our email, voicemail and website will remain active the rest of this year so we can assist with any records requests.
We want to sincerely thank all of our consumers and employees for trusting us as your PCA Choice Provider for all of these years. We wish you the best!
Josh Holler